NIX Lease Proof of Stake


Our cold staking service is constant active and completely secure as no spendable balance or private keys shared. This allows us to simply store and stake NIX while increasing the users’ network security. Don’t worry anymore about the hassle keeping your wallet online. Just track it from your favorite device!

– Without the need to keep your wallet online

– Whatever the amount of NIX you hold

– Easy staking

Contract 1: (not eligible for governance voting)

Lease Address: Nbms3utn9u1ordjXY6NgPPCo4PHGVctjsL

Reward Address: NQaoH9Tkb3xjmeJM7RMqwndNvniUoYdKKY

Fee: 5


Contract 2: (Bech32 eligible for governance voting)

Lease Address: nix1qasaq8umsh7yxfayjsfq93j87l9gn2kkuq4q2j9

Reward Address: nix1qxlemplcej8k22jff3xcpneuehyhgq7zg82424t

Fee: 5

1. Copy/Paste the lease address to the location where it says “Lease To”
2. Enter the amount of NIX you want to stake.
3. Enter the minimum fee where it says “Fee Percent”.
4. Copy Insert the reward address into the reward address section.
5. Send NIX

Once your contract get over 200 confirmations, you will automatically start staking. Simply lease and cancel the contract any time you want.

Lease Proof of Stake (LPoS)

The NIX Network allows for a smart-contract lease of coins. Lease staking allows users to lease coin amounts to be staked by another address/entity while still containing total ownership of those coins. The lease staker is a partial owner to the coins being that they are only able to stake those coins on behalf of the original owner. This introduces safe and secure ways to stake on the cloud, or trustlessly stake using a third-party provider. NIX is a platform with many other useful features. Explore the NIX Technology –>

If you haven’t already done, join the NIX Discord – Telegram and feel free to contact me Simon201#3167.